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Our sizes are calibrated to standard English (UK) size and fitting (E). A generalized conversion guide is provided below.



Our lasts have the same fitting and only the toe shape is changed. The Hawksbill last has a slight ‘Banana” shape, if you have particularly longer toes we suggest getting a half size larger. The Chisel 2 last is slightly longer than the other lasts. Our upper leathers are all sourced from tanneries in France, Italy, and Germany. We use crust and boxcalf depending on the colour and effect (such as museum and misty) that is required. The soles are oak bark tanned.



The Mto Ballet Pump (loafer slip on) is 900 euro for the shoes ( less 100 euro for the calf you provide) = 800 euro
create the new pattern ( ballet pump) = 250 euro = total prototype project  1050 euro
Shoes will come handheld with slim sole at bottom.= 1050 euro
$ euro for Custom duties = 1090 euro plus 4% for Credit store costs= 1133
Size Guide
Size UK

9.5 mayfair 2 shape


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