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Our lasts have the same fitting and only the toe shape is changed. The Hawksbill last has a slight ‘Banana” shape, if you have particularly longer toes we suggest getting a half size larger. The Chisel 2 last is slightly longer than the other lasts. Our upper leathers are all sourced from tanneries in France, Italy, and Germany. We use crust and boxcalf depending on the colour and effect (such as museum and misty) that is required. The soles are oak bark tanned.


LM 02

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Elasticized Strap Loafer

Pre order 4\8 weeks
A modern playful yet stylish casual loafer that offers ease of use and comfort.
Offered in either a bi material reverse calf suede and boxcalf, or hatch grain boxcalf( coming soon) with an anti slip Vibram GumLite sole.

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fitting selection

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The Leisure series: Comfort, Flexibility, with a relaxed and playful style
For many, comfort is a requirement in their wardrobe, and as such we created the Leisure Series for those looking for an alternative to the “go-to” sneakers.

The Leisure Series aims to be as comfortable and flexible as sneakers but made with superior materials and construction, and at the same time being more versatile for various outfits from jeans to khakis to linen summer trousers. These are also aimed to be the perfect travel shoes providing all day comfort without raising metal detector alarms.

All day comfort is assured by constructing these shoes in our roomy yet stylish lasts (xx). The leathers we use are full grain, either reverse calf suede, French boxcalf, or a combination of both, and full vegetal tanned linings to wick away moisture. For our lightest weight versions, we use blown rubber Vibram GumLite soles which offer incredible durability, shock absorption, and anti-slip properties.

With the aim of offering flexibility, light weight and comfort, we have opted for the “San Crispino” construction. Lasted by hand, the vegetal tanned lining is fully wrapped and lasted. The upper is mounted on the last and then turned out and stitched to the specially prepared leather midsole. Afterwards, either a Vibram GumLite or Crepe rubber sole is fused to the midsole. This type of construction (alongside our specially prepared midsole) offers incredible flexibility compared to the traditional “Stitch Down”, our shoes maintain their shape for many years. The “San Crispino” construction is also waterproof because there is no direct way for moisture to enter from either the sole or the midsole stitches into the interior of the shoe. And of course these shoes can be resoled by any competent repair shops.

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5, 5,5, 6, 6,5, 7, 7,5, 8, 8,5, 9, 9,5, 10, 10,5, 11, 11,5, 12


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