Kudu dark Tan

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3 reviews for Kudu dark Tan

  1. Rigoberto Martinez

    Do you have this Kudu dark tan in UK8.5?

    • meccariello

      Dear Sir
      yes we have a pair in 8.5

      If you are interested ,contact our customer service ,Angela

      Thank you

    • meccariello

      Dear Sir
      Yes we have this dark tan Kudu in 8.5

  2. Ruben Jean-Baptiste

    Is this model still available? Looking for a pair in 9.5.

    • meccariello

      Yes it is ,we have some on soft square and some on chisel 2 .what size are you looking for?

  3. Peter A Conesa

    Gorgeous shoes, I am a little confused. How do I order a pair in UK 9.5?

    • meccariello

      Dear Sir

      you should go probably in size 10 from us
      But the question is what 9.5 uk brand do you wear ?
      Send all request to


      It will be easier to help you to looking for the correct one.

      Kind regards

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