Measuring Guide 2

To estimate your size in our shoes, please use this generalised guideline.  Please note that the accuracy of the results vary depending on the way the person takes the measurements, how precisely the length and width are taken, etc.  As a result we only present this as a generalised guide.


Help?? Ask us for your correct size ,

As first

1) send us The measures A_B_ C ,using the below instructions (if you need our assistance ,send only purely the measures ,not make any calculations),

2) with the measures send US also some feedback of the size fitting and brand you wear in english UK brand AS CJ ,GG,JL eccc send all these nformations to  this mail



US66.577-588.599.51010. 51111.51212.5
Width in cm
D23.5 23.75 24 24.25 24.5 24.75 25 25.25 25.5 25.75 26 26.25 26.5 26.75
E24 24.2524.524.752525.2525.525.7526 26.2526.526.7527 27.25
F24.524.752525.2525.525.752626.2526.5 26.752727.2527.527.75


  1. Measure the length of your foot (measurement A): Please take care to use a square tool as a CD case (for example) to derterminate the exact point of the lengh ,do not use other system to avoid mistake.



unnamed (1)


2. Measure the circumference of the vamp of your foot (measurement B):

3. Measure the circumference of the instep of your foot (measurement C):

To approximate your size we give the following example:

Length (A) 28cm,  Vamp (B) 25cm, Instep (C) 26.5cm

  1. Add the values of B and C  to give a total value x  (in our example 25cm + 26.5cm = 51.5cm)
  2. Divide value x by 2 to get value y. This gives the median width for the foot (in our example 51.5cm/2 = 25.75cm)


Now turn to the sizing table.

  1. Check the centimetre length (CM) for value A and find the closest UK size equivalent. (in our example 28cm corresponds to UK size 10)
  2. On the Width table, check value y on the E fitting scale and look upwards to get a UK size equivalent. (in our example 25.75cm corresponds to UK size 9)
  3. Add the two UK sizes together and divide by 2. This is the UK size in E fitting that you should buy. (in our example 10+9=19,  19/2= 9.5 which means the correct size to buy is size 9.5 UK in E fitting)

Use the same calculations for different fittings eg: D and F.

From our theortetical example:


As stated above, this is a generalised guide to estimate your size.

If You want be sure to do the correct choise ,you could look at Feedback from the world of other Customers

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