I started my career as a bespoke shoemaker and I offer this service to clients who visit me in my showroom.

My clients can choose the type of toe shape they would want, heel shape and height, and the final design of their bespoke shoes.  I can offer my clients most leathers from famed tanneries such as Annonay and Du Puuy of France, Freudenberg of Germany, Ilcea of Italy. In addition, I have access to various exotic hides such as crocodile/alligator, lizard, shark, mountain ram, kudu, etc.

My bespoke service consists of me making a completely personalized last based upon the client’s measurements and design inputs (such as toe shape), and then constructing a fully handwelted shoe based on the clients wants.


  1. At the first meeting I discuss with the client what their ideas are for a shoe, and their footwear history and any problems they have. I discuss and sketch the model of the shoe that the client would like and make a selection of the type of leather they would like to use.  I then proceed to take the clients’ measurements and noting any possible problem areas.
  2. I proceed to make a last based on the measurements of the client and their desired ‘look’ such as the shape of the toe. I construct a fitting shoe based on this last. The client visits for a fitting session with me and we discuss the fit of the shoe and I note what modifications are needed to further perfect the fit.
  3. I modify the last based upon the fitting session with the client. Afterwards, I construct a fully finished, fully wearable Goodyear machine welted test shoe which I send to the client to wear for a few weeks to test the fit.  If the client gives me positive feedback and then I can proceed to make the final shoe. If there needs to be further modifications, I meet again with the client to see what other changes to the last is needed.
  4. I make the final handwelted (welt to insole, and welt to sole) bespoke shoe and send it to the client.

For inquires for my bespoke service, please send an email to:

Please click here  for a small sampling of my Bespoke and Aurum work.

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