Welcome to the ARGENTUM DUX footwear section.

Here you will find all the technical details and differences between the ARGENTUM DUX shoe line, available through our retailers and the ARGENTUM Ready to Wear shoe line, which is marketed by us.
Both ARGENTUM DUX and the ARGENTUM Ready to Wear shoe lines are manufactured in the same way using the same sewing technique. All parts of the footwear such as the insoles and the soles are made with the Argentum Welted construction technique.

(Find out more)  https://www.meccarielloshoes.it/argentum-rtwmto/.

However, ARGENTUM DUX -MTO and ARGENTUM Ready To Wear shoes have specific features that differentiate them.

1) The ARGENTUM DUX-MTO  shoe line models are exclusive and are not included in the ARGENTUM Ready To Wear shoe line.

The Argentum Dux and Argentum MTO are made in the leathe selection and quality finishing

2) The ARGENTUM DUX-MTO shoe line includes both custom models (created on a specific order or request from the retailer) and models included in our MTO shoe line, available immediately,  no mandatory wait time required (usually about 18 to 20 weeks).

3) The ARGENTUM DUX-MTO Footwear welt finishing  process takes a longer time,

About twice the time  than  a standard ARGENTUM model.

4) Leather Selection:

All our shoes are produced with premium whole box calf leather,  average size:  14 to 16 square feet,  thickness: 1.4 – 1.5 mm

As in the production of most high-class footwear, we only use the central part of the calfskin ( the one that goes from rump to belly). However, given the size of the leather and the type of tanning,  only a few pieces can be obtained from each calfskin.

Our selection of cuts includes:

Aurum: 1 pair from a single cut of box calf leather
Argentum Handwelted: 1 – max 1.5 pairs from a single cut of box calf leather
Argentum DUX-MTO: 2 pairs from a single cut of box calf leather
Argentum base: 2.5 – max 3 pairs from a single cut of box calf leather

The following picture provides an example of an Aurum seamless wholecut .

Made in one piece of leather. If the shoes present even the smallest hidden imperfection or if the model does not conform to our quality standards, the process is carried out again using a new piece of calfskin leather.  All cuts are performed along the backbone line of the calfskin to ensure perfect symmetry both in cutting and esthetic.

The white line in the photo represents “the quality zone”, the limit that is never exceeded in cutting the uppers. The X represents the portion of skin that is never used to make the uppers.

This part of the calfskin however, is used for the production of prototype samples and test models.

5) The waist working process

The ARGENTUM DUX-MTO footwear waist working process is carried out by hand with a special tool and takes a lot more time to be closed and completed than it takes to produce an ARGENTUM Basic model.  It is made similar  as a blind  waist.

ARGENTUM Basic Square Waist


These are the guidelines of our production process made according to customers or retailers request. It would also be possible to request a square waist instead of a round waist for ARGENTUM DUX footwear due to seasonal adaptations or esthetic changes, without affecting the premium quality and attention to details typical of all our products.

Any type of alteration such as choosing to apply a half sole, metal toe tips, rubber sole etc. is carried out according to the specific requirements of retailers and their customers and does not in any way affect the quality of the final product guaranteed by the use of excellent raw material from our Italian, French and German tanneries.

In order to improve the quality, Calzoleria Meccariello reserves the right to make changes to the products shown here at any time. It also reserves the right to make all the necessary technical modifications in order to improve the final product, at any time without prior notice, with the sole purpose of providing a better quality service thanks to any technical improvements that over time may be available, aware that our consumers believe in our willingness to give our best providing the best service and our ability in making premium shoes attractive for retailers and customers alike.

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